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Turn of the Screw: a horror-opera.

Benjamin Britten’s Turn of the Screw has been described as a horror opera and a psychological thriller. But is it his best work? That was the discussion amongst the artists of the Atelier lyrique the other day at rehearsal in Place des Arts.

Spencer Britten, who plays Peter Quint in this production at Espace Nomad Nation (Feb 7/8/9) and yes a distant relative of the great man, was wondering if he preferred this or A Midsummer Night’s Dream. But Holly Kroeker, Atelier pianist and resident artist was in favour of Peter Grimes or perhaps The Rape of Lucretia. Anyway they confessed a love for a great many of Britten’s operas as the snow fell outside Salle Un at Place des Arts and they got on with their rehearsal.

Turn of the Screw is directed by Maxime Genois who garnered attention with his Nero and the Fall of Lehman Brothers (Jonathan Dawe) in Montreal this summer. Musical director Nicolas Ellis invited him to direct the show. Maxime told me he had loved the book written by Henry James in…

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