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How opera companies can learn from reality television.

For such a dramatic art form there are some very dull films around promoting opera. No wonder people are not inspired to go buy tickets.

The best compliment I was ever paid about one of my films was from a friend who said "I know nothing about opera but I was riveted. I really wanted to know what was going to happen to these singers."

The key line there is "I know nothing about opera," and in those few words is the battle many opera companies are facing. If you are going to introduce new people to the art form you need to get over that hump. Most non-believers think they need to have studied opera in some way to enjoy it (wrong), that they need to know many languages (you don't, there are surtitles) and they also think they will hate it. (don't be such a chicken)
Fast forward to every reality talent show you have seen with winners singing opera arias. If these shows prove anything it is that the potential to introduce new people to opera is there but you ha…

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